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Welcome to KoloroMuj's Store! Spend more than $150 to get FREE SHIPPING within CANADA!!!

KoloroMuj : Convention

Order for Pick-Up at the Convention

Want to skip the hassle and cost of shipping and enjoy tax-free purchase? Conventions are the best places to make the purchase. Order early to ensure item is available and ready for pickup at a convention of choice!


AUG 30 – SEP 2, 2018



Star-Struck ENJOY :

  1. No shipping charge
  2. No tax
  3. Convention discount on all orders ( cheaper posters and prints, buy 2 get 1 free deals and much more!)
  4. Guaranteed stock of your order
  5. Meet the artist in PERSON and ask for a signature! (optional)

How this works


Step 01 : Send your Order

Order as usual

Step 02 : Shipping

Select “Pick Up” for shipping and “Cash on Delivery” for payment

Step 03 : Invoice adjustment and Payment

Once your order has been received. I will update your invoice with all the convention discounts.
You can choose to pay the invoice now or at the Con.

Step 04 : Confirmation

After payment is successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation notification for your order.

Step 05 : Pick Up

Pick up on at the convention and enjoy!